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The Body Melt Diet Plan started out as a way for me to lose weight due to an illness that I was diagnosed with called aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is a condition that occurs when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. It leaves you feeling very fatigued.  Because of the fatigue I began to gain weight due to lack of exercise. I blew up to nearly 300 pounds before I refuse to get on the scale again for fear of depression.  At this time my condition had not yet been diagnosed so my doctors were more concerned with finding out what was wrong with me than my weight gain.

That’s when I decided to start looking into a way I could lose some weight and more importantly just be more healthy in general. I figured whatever was going on with me, my body would be able to help fight off my illness if it did not have the extra burden of fighting off all the other symptoms that carrying all that excess weight brings. I began to research ways to be in better health and since I had been told by my doctors that I could not work, I had plenty of free time to look into the matter.

It was more important to me to come up with a solution that I had a better chance to stick with, rather than a plan that just gave quick results. I began to share my findings with my doctor to get his feedback and his blessings for the plan I was developing. My doctor was also a friend of mine and he was always very honest with me.He like what I was doing and was very encouraging. That’s how it all started. My plan was to lose a few pounds fast (in about a month) and then slow my weight loss management into something that was not so strict that I could not stick to it or would be feeling deprived.

This became a very spiritual journey for me and I am a better man inside and out because of what I have learned. Now I am sharing this system with you at no charge because I believe that everyone should be able to take control of their weight management program and cater it to fit their lifestyle. I hope others will find that they too are better people mentally and bodily. I make no claims or no guarantees that this weight management system will work for you. Your success with the body melt diet system is totally in your hands, but after all I am give it to you free so you have nothing to lose now do you.

Stan Patterson


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Body Melt Diet Plan Overview

• Phase 1. Start with the “Body Melt Diet Boot Camp” to jump start your weight management program. Seeing quick results will motivate you to stick with your program. Remember each phase of the program gets easier so you will feel like you are coasting downhill as you move along.
• Phase 2. Choose from one of our custom weight management plans that are catered to what works best for you and gets you to your target weight. You decide if you want to lose 1, 2, or 3 pounds a week or more and how much or how little you want to eat or exercise to get there.
• Phase 3. You transition into a program that will help you easily maintain your target weight. Once you reach your target weight and your eating habit have been modified it becomes a snap to keep burning more calories than you take in. You will be more educated and more aware of your eating habits. With this new found knowledge and your new body you will have the “Body Melt Power” and the motivation needed to maintain your targeted weight.

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